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This toolkit equips you with a range of shareable resources to help spread the word about our annual event that tackles critical health disparities with free screenings and information. Use these tools to help us reach more people and make a lasting impact in communities that need it most.

Together, we can turn awareness into action and health disparities into health equity.

Social Media

Do you need Graphics for Social Media Posts?

Click the button above to download a variety of social media graphics tailored for sharing news about our Health Fair. Enhance your posts by exploring the tabs above, which offer carefully crafted examples to effectively communicate the mission of the Minority Health Fair (MHF), the event details, and its significant impact on our community. These resources are designed to help you spread the word and engage your audience effectively.

Church/Community Organizations

Tips for Using the MHF Church Media Hub

  1. Website Announcements:

    • Add our pre-made descriptions to your church’s events page or health ministry page to inform and encourage registration.

  2. Newsletter and Bulletin Posts:

    • Include our ready-to-use posts in your newsletters and bulletins to engage your congregation and boost awareness.

  3. Announcement Scripts:

    • Use our scripts for live verbal announcements or create personalized video messages to invite your members.

  4. Graphic Library:

    • Share eye-catching graphics from our library on social media, your website, or as printed flyers to capture attention.

  5. Social Media Engagement:

    • Regularly share our pre-made social media posts and encourage followers to engage by liking, sharing, and commenting. Use relevant hashtags to expand reach.

Access all these resources and more in the MHF Media Hub to help make the SETHC Minority Health Fair a success!

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